Come to our professionals Ear Candle!


An Ear Candle is a hollow Fabric candle which draw out excessive ear wax and any minor impurities inside the ear once it. Now this Deep Relaxation Therapy is available in our beauty point.

This non-invasive therapy involves the use of a long candle placed into the ear. The side that is out of the ear is lit, and a vacuum is created within the ear canal, coating the whole ear in beeswax. Excess earwax is drawn out of the ear canal, as the beeswax is removed. In some cases, impurities can also be drawn out.

The other common alternative to removing wax is ear syringing. This involves shooting water into the ears, remove the wax that way. There are dangers to syringing, and it requires a trained professional. The problem is a lot of people choose to do it at home, putting their ear drums at risk.

Ear candling is also known as ear coning. The candle used is hollow and in the shape of a cone to drop the wax into the ear drum. The impurities and wax that are removed from the ear look black on the candle.

The treatment is linked to ancient Chinese, Egyptian, and Native American treatments